Aftercare Beauty Kit 2

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For use if you suffer from spots, pimples, and excessively oily skin

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Brand: Skin Culture

Product Code: Aftercare-Beauty-Kit-2

Tags:  aftercarepost-peel

Recommended for use if you suffer from spots, pimples or excessively oily skin

Aftercare Beauty Kit 2 helps to maintain the results of your skin peel, and for general complexion improvement and skin care the kit is unique for use on your skin.

Contains: Deep Purifying Cleanser, Glycolic Facial Gel, Citrus Day Moisturizer, Camphor Masque, and Matrix Booster.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves your complexion and skin health
  • Give you a very light peel every 90 days
  • Enhances and maintains the results of your skin peel
  • Specially developed for oily skin types


Shelah Bechtel - 09/01/2022

Absolutely love how it makes my skin normal instead of an oil slick. I also am the oldest of 3 sisters and I have significantly less wrinkles and blemishes than they do.

Rosalinda Trinidad - 12/12/2013

....found this product effective....bought this product for my grand daughter

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