Mikey Canada  -  14/10/2014

I use quite often since i bought this product a month ago and i love it. U need a little to be effective but it takes a while for the skin to restore to the same complexion (10 days in my case for big bumps with scar). Pro It works worth it The product last for a long time 3-6 months Cons Pricey It took quite some time to heal and restore the skin as a unique complexion

Client from Sacramento CA United States  -  23/09/2014

Have yet to see improvement but will keep using.

mehvish hussain Sheffield UK  -  19/09/2014

normally you can feel the change when you apply a cream treatment for acne spots or on scars but with this you dont feel anything. it feels like pearls on the skin. i have been using this since 5 april 13 and have seen a different in the size of my scars. i have mild scarring but they used to look 3D and now they look 2D. i have been taking oxytetracyline for my acne but have bad rare condition from using the antibiotics but now i am currently loving this product also you can apply it directly on the acne spots even before they start scarring. i have used this product before sleeping as the skin repairs itself at night. i have seen no reaction at all. i will be purchasing another bottle soon. i do have a sensitive skin i think as i used clean and clear gel cleanser and it reacted so bad on my skin and that is for teens as well. i am 18 btw. i grew little acne pus head everywhere i used the cleanser. - cons a small bottle but goes a long way. only 20g.