Customer from France  -  19/03/2015

This cleanser is very effective . Now my skin is smooth clear and pimple free. I have two bottles and i can say that one bottle lasts a long time. (with a facial brush and you will notice that a small amount (a pearl-sized) is enough. I hope my English is correct !

John McKenna Florida USA  -  27/04/2014

This will help your now improved skin keep looking that way!

Anonymous  -  25/04/2014

I love this cleanser. It makes my skin soft and smooth and non irritating.

ShelahB Ohio USA  -  08/04/2014

I have been using this cleanser for over 6 years and just love how it cleans and makes my face feel.

Geegee Maryland USA  -  23/03/2014

So far it is keeping my skin decent; have been using it for 3 wks now; have not had any dramatic changes yet but so far it does an okay job