Fay USA  -  31/07/2012

The first time I tried the Skin Culture Peel was in 2001 and I used the deepest peel with amazing results. Everyone at my University commented on how great my skin looked and my down time was only 8 days. I used this product again in 2007 with great results. I decided to carry on twice a year ever since. The peel 4000 is my favourite as its the deepest which produces the best results. The first application is painful but bearable the pain lasting for about 20 minutes and as the days follow you pretty much get used to it. Now in my 30s my skin is beautiful and I look 10 years younger. This peel really works and I will continue to use it. The constant discount offers as well as the effectiveness of this product is what keeps me coming back to Skin Culture. I am very grateful to have discovered this product in my youth. This is better than any surgery facial or expensive beauty creams as you get the results within a short period of time (6-10 days depending on your skin) and it lasts as you maintain it with the lovely after care products. Thank you Skin Culture

Rachel Herbert USA  -  20/07/2012

I finished doing the peel 4000 a week or so ago and unfortunately I saw no visible difference in the large pores and sun spots I was hoping to treat. I must say however I love the skincare! Its not at all greasy and an easy routine to follow. The team were helpful with any questions I had regarding the product and money back guarantee.

Samantha USA  -  13/07/2012

I purchased the skin peel over a month ago. It was the 4000 strength. I have suffered with acne since the age of 20 so thats 4 years!! Also as a result I was left with scarring pigmentation damage and an overall oily and tired complexion. This made me extremely depressed and I spent thousands finding the right treatment and products but nothing worked. In fact they seemed to aggravate my acne. I started to become very depressed because of my acne and scarring and kind of just put up with it for years.

Luckily I got strength from my amazing family and boyfriend who really supported me. It wasnt until earlier this year I just typed in Google home chemical peels and it came up with the Skin culture peel I was quite reluctant to go on the site but I thought "What have i got to lose?" I read all the reviews on the site and thought - wow! - this is too good to be true and the cost was not as much as I thought. I decided to try the 2000 peel first just to see what it was like. I was really impressed it didnt really work much on my scarring (which I knew it wouldnt anyway) but it diminished my red marks and gave me an overall even complexion.

I left it over a month then purchased the 4000 peel. I took a week off work (which Im so glad about) as the peeling and redness is a lot worse with this strength. I didnt have a bad experience with either of the peels and a month after using the Peel 4000 my skin looks absolutely amazing! Im getting so many comments about how dewy my skin looks. My pores have reduced I dont have any acne and my scars are barely visible!

This has given me so much confidence I feel like a totally different person and all for under £200!! Im the happiest Ive been in a long time. I just wish I knew of the Skin Culture Peel years back but its never too late!!

Maison Hassan USA  -  20/04/2012

I have a Mediterranean olive tone skin it used to be oily but its more of a mixed skin type now!! I purchased the skin culture peel 4000 about two years ago. I was suffering from large pores and uneven skin tone and when I was pregnant with my first child I had dark facial hair that started growing on the sides of my face. The hair used to grow sometimes under my skin and because I used to force it out using tweezers and pins it left me with bad scaring and dark patches that I couldnt even cover using foundations and concealer!!!

After using the peel my pores have gone noticeably smaller in size and my skin is softer flawless and glowing. All my friends were asking what is the secret behind my baby skin? I used to love touching it!!! The dark patches went from dark to a very light brown colour and because my skin was softer I didnt have as much in growing hair as I used to.

I have recommended the peel to all my friends and younger sister as well prior to her wedding. She purchased it and was more than happy with the results. She looked stunning on her wedding day!! I would definitely recommend it again to anyone who wants baby skin. And once I sort my finances out I will definitely buy it again to just polish up the previous results and get rid of the fine lines on my forehead and the remaining scarring and patches I have.

If I had to vote I would give it 10/10.

Adel Siew USA  -  08/03/2012

The skin culture peel 4000 is quite a strong one such that I couldnt go out because my face peeled terribly well during the treatment period. However it was worth it as you do see an obvious result once the embarrassing moment is over. Skin feels so much softer as the peel works to remove the dead cells on the surface and your skin becomes more absorptive towards nutrients which then improves moisture retention and reduces breakouts.