Michele Hunt  -  02/04/2018

This is my second peel now and I’m very happy with the results. I have a scar on my face that I’ve been very self conscious of, this peel has really helped to smooth the scar so it’s not as noticeable. Would highly recommend even if you just want to improve your skin tone.

Amazon Customer  -  16/03/2018

I have been using this product for years and I am very happy with the results every time!! Will continue to be a regular customer!!

James Jordan  -  26/02/2018

I have been using the peel 4000 numerous times and will continue to do so twice a year , trying to help repair my wrinkled aged skin from many years of smoking , I highly recommend

Leshoya Georgia USA  -  19/05/2017

I Love skin culture for renewing my skin. Not only did it clear up my scars but it also basically diminished my acne as well. I used the product for 4 days and it didnt peel off completely for around 5-6 days. My warning is NOT TO PEEL OFF THIS MASK YOURSELF let it peel naturally remember youre basically pulling off skin layers and pulling will not do anything but make your skin look worse and possibly cause more scars. If you do want to make it peel faster just use more of the moisturizer they provide more frequently. I am an African American so I did not think this would work on my skin but it made it look the best it has ever been. I received so many compliments afterwards and it seemed like it made over my skin since I did not receive any breakouts for about a month and even after that month i got maybe a bump here or a bump there lets say once ever 2-3 months then again i did use a new soap after skin culture called "black soap" from nasabb.com to maintain my look. If you are acne prone to maintain your look either try the black soap i mentioned or the glycolic cleanser that skin culture also provides. I ordered a cheaper set recently from ebay only because i did not use my black soap like i should have and have new scars.I recommend this for anyone who needs a dramatic and quick change...it literally changed my life and i cried when i saw my new face since I have had severe acne ever since i was in second grade.good luck to all who read this

I love this product and am a fan for life.

Desmond Wright London  -  21/10/2015

Ive used this particular productin the passed and found it very effective so thats why Ive ordered again but havent used it yet.