Christal DeCuir-Charbonnet New York  -  20/02/2011

Great results. Normalizer is perfect for day after use.

Samantha US Client  -  19/02/2011

I have suffered with acne since the age of 20 so thats 4 years!! Also as a result I was left with scarring pigmentation damage and an overall oily and tired complexion. This made me extremely depressed and I spent thousands finding the right treatment and products but nothing worked. In fact they seemed to aggravate my acne. I started to become very depressed because of my acne and scarring and kind of just put up with it for years. Luckily I got strength from my amazing family and boyfriend who really supported me. It wasnt until earlier this year I just typed in Google home chemical peels and it came up with the Skin culture peel I was quite reluctant to go on the site but I thought "What have i got to lose?" I read all the reviews on the site and thought - wow! - this is too good to be true and the cost was not as much as I thought. I decided to try the 2000 peel first just to see what it was like. I was really impressed it didnt really work much on my scarring (which I knew it wouldnt anyway) but it diminished my red marks and gave me an overall even complexion. I left it over a month then purchased the 4000 peel. I took a week off work (which Im so glad about) as the peeling and redness is a lot worse with this strength. I didnt have a bad experience with either of the peels and a month after using the Peel 4000 my skin looks absolutely amazing! Im getting so many comments about how dewy my skin looks. My pores have reduced I dont have any acne and my scars are barely visible! This has given me so much confidence I feel like a totally different person and all for under £200!! Im the happiest Ive been in a long time. I just wish I knew of the Skin Culture Peel years back but its never too late!!

Natalie Triplett Florida USA  -  14/02/2011

After receiving my original order (I received someone elses) I performed the peel. I do love the positive anti-aging benefits.
I have used Skin Culture in my 20s 30s and now 40s...
Love the product.