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What the Press says

Testimonials appearing on this site are the individual experiences of those who have used our skin peels. However, they are individual results and results do vary. (Please refer to our 'Testimonial Disclaimer' at the bottom of the page)

"Most adults can benefit from a Skin Culture peel... *

particularly those who have sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, blemishes, or wrinkles. The peel.will improve the skin's texture, even out tone and colour, help to lighten hyper-pigmentation, improve fine lines and rough texture, and help treat acne-prone skin."

Professional Beauty Magazine


"The radiant new skin really does replace the outer dull and blemished skin... *

improving conditions such as blemishes, acne scarring and sun damaged skin."

Salon Plus Magazine


"Who says beauty's skin deep?" *

Skin Culture's Peel Facial System can reveal new skin that's radiant and younger looking, leaving you feeling a million dollars. It's cheaper than booking into a Harley Street clinic with prices ranging from £95 to £185... "

The Evening Telegraph


 Kerry Ross, Daily Mail Newspaper *

My SKIN has never been my best feature. From the age of 13, my family nickname was 'Spotty Muldoon' and, apart from a few months during pregnancies, I have had spots continuously.

So when I saw a new facial system that claimed to improve skin tone and clear spots, blackheads and large pores while reducing the appearance of sun damage, acne scarring and fine lines, it sounded too good to miss.

Skin Culture's Peel is a chemical peel. This sort of treatment is normally carried out by doctors in hospital and involves burning off the first two or three layers of the skin. A mighty risky procedure, you might think.

(Skin Culture note: our Peeling treatment actually works by starving the top layers of skin of oxygen which then die and gently peel away. The treatment will not burn the skin or cause the skin to blister or bleed.)

Newly introduced into the country (UK), Skin Culture's Peel is done over a six-day period at home or in a beauty salon. You have a choice as to the strength of the peel, but this simply involves applying it in the same way for an extra one to four days.

The impressive packaging made me feel that I was at the forefront of skin science. The instructions seemed very thorough and I relished the thought of stripping off my old skin and exposing the young, spot-free skin underneath.

So after donning my white lab coat, I picked up the spatula and dabbed the tar-like substance over my face and neck.

It felt like I had put my face in a bucket of acid, which is effectively what I had done. This is where the 'instructions and questions people ask' section had got it horribly wrong. Unbelievably, to the question 'Is the treatment painful?', they had replied 'no', and suggested an 'inconvenient, deep warm sensation' instead.

I spent the next 20 or so minutes before the pain subsided swearing obscenities. My children rushed around trying to calm me down. They were unable to grasp the idea that what I was doing was voluntary.

It was an enlightening experience and I seriously questioned whether I would rather be covered with oozing pustules after all. I have never encountered such pain. Give me childbirth any day. I was in so much pain that my mouth watered. But it did ease as they had said 'the sensation' would, after 20 minutes or so.

(Skin Culture note: You will experience a hot stinging sensation lasting for 15-20 minutes after the peeling formula is applied. The sensation felt will vary from individual to individual. Some will apply the treatment and just feel a warm tingling sensation whereas others will feel an intense (burning like) sensation. On average you will feel a hot stinging sensation that will last for about 15-20 minutes after the peeling formula is applied. Fanning the facial area will relieve any discomfort felt by up to 75%. Also, it should be noted that the more you feel the treatment, the better the results will be.)

After an hour and a half, I removed the peel. You should not use any other products during the treatment and should leave the residue, a rather strong smelling substance, on your skin for eight hours before washing it off with water.

I woke the next morning with a healthy glow, feeling much better about my experience, and resolved to perform the second part of the peel. They say that after you've had a baby, your memory of the pain dulls, otherwise no one would have more than one. It was only after I'd put on the second coat that the reality of the pain hit me once again.

This time I thought I'd better check it was normal and that I hadn't missed the instruction to dilute it or something, so I rang the help line number.

On reflection, the fact that there was a help line should have been a clue. A kindly gentleman explained that what I was experiencing was quite normal and that I should try to relax, perhaps listen to music or watch television to take my mind off the fact that my skin was being burned off.

By the third morning, my skin had started to dry out and was noticeably red. People said I looked as though I'd spent too much time on the sunbed, or asked if I'd been skiing. If only I had.

After the third application of peel, I applied Normaliser cream which greatly eased the tightness and helped lift some of the bits of skin hanging off my face.

You are strongly advised not to pick at the trailing skin, but I'm afraid I couldn't resist. It came off easily but it took a good four days more to stop peeling completely. During that time, I really looked like something out of a horror film.....

Despite all the trauma, the end result was fantastic. I don't think my skin has looked so good since I was about 12. If only it hadn't been so painful, I would be performing the procedure every 30 days as recommended.

My face is not completely clear but the instructions warn you to expect this because the ingrained debris is released to the surface. They also advise that it can take several applications before it will stay looking really good.

There is vigorous cell renewal activity as lower layers of skin replace those that are stripped off. It makes sense then to repeat the procedure until you have the freshest skin 'moved up' to the top.

Will I do it again? I'll have to see if vanity overcomes my cowardice. What is certain is that the odd nasty relative I have to buy a Christmas present for will be receiving a highly recommended beauty treatment with my love.


"It has taken five years off the appearance of my skin" *

"About the Skin Culture peel: I am extremely pleased with the results. I would actually say it has taken five years off the appearance of my skin. I followed instructions to the letter. I had been apprehensive as Kerry Ross, writing in the Daily Mail, had stated it was quite painful. It was uncomfortable for about fifteen minutes and then fine. The end results are great and I would certainly use it again.

Mary Jackson, Swansea, Wales


* Testimonial Disclaimer: 
Individual results will vary. We cannot guarantee our treatments will work for everyone, as each person's skin type is different. Results from the Skin Culture Peel differs from individual to individual and no claims and promises are being made or implied about the average, typical or expected results of the skin peel.

The results described on our Testimonial and Client Review pages, and elsewhere on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have purchased the Skin Culture Peel. Skin Culture does not claim these stories, opinions and results described represent the typical result that someone who uses the skin peel can generally expect to achieve.


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