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Created back in 1937 the Skin Culture Peel penetrates your skin's damaged or aged outer cells and gently peels them away. Dull and blemished skin is removed and replaced with fresh new radiant skin.

There are four strengths of Skin Culture Peel: Peel 1000 * Peel 2000 * Peel 3000 * Peel 4000. The strength of treatment used depends on the problem you are treating, the severity of the problem and how long you have had the problem. Peel 4000 is our strongest and most popular treatment providing the deepest peeling and best results.

Skin Culture Peel 4000

Skin Culture Peel 4000

$247.50 $199.55

GET A FREE PEEL 1000 (WORTH $66.95) Our maximum strength skin peel, providing the...

Skin Culture Peel 3000

Skin Culture Peel 3000

$189.75 $152.75

GET A FREE UPGRADE TO A SKIN PEEL 4000! Peel 3000 delivers outstanding beauty and...

Skin Culture Peel 2000

Skin Culture Peel 2000

$132.00 $105.95

GET A FREE UPGRADE TO A SKIN PEEL 3000! Peel 2000 enhances your complexion by removing...

Skin Culture Peel 1000

Skin Culture Peel 1000

$82.50 $66.95

GET A FREE UPGRADE TO A SKIN PEEL 2000! Peel 1000 is our mildest peel, but still produces...

Skin Culture Home Skin Peel - General Product Information

Benefits: Reduction of dark or red acne marks, discoloration, wrinkles, fine lines, increased collagen and elastin growth, improved texture and clarity.

Skin Type: The Skin Culture Peels are generally safe for all skin types, skin colors and effective in treating most skin conditions and problems.

Strength: From a light to a deep peel penetration into the epidermis (top layers), dependent on strength of treatment used.

Guaranteed: Peel 4000 treatment can bring about a noticeable improvement to the appearance of your skin. Whilst we cannot guarantee that just one treatment will totally clear the problem you are trying to treat, we can guarantee that you should see an improvement to the look and feel of your skin after your first Peel 4000 treatment.

Main Ingredients: Resorcinol, Salicylic and less than 2% Phenol. Plus, the oils of Thyme, Eucalyptus and Wintergreen, which have long been recognised in natural healing science as effective holistic healing agents for many skin problems.

Side Effects: A 15-20 minute burning sensation may be noted upon initial contact. Those allergic to aspirin or resorcinol should not use this product and a patch test is always recommended prior to the full facial peel (regardless of how many times you've used the treatment). Very rarely will a client have an allergic reaction to the Skin Culture Peel. The symptoms may include itching, redness, and stinging.

Problems it won't treat: The Skin Culture Peel will not remove deep wrinkles, pitted scarring or acne pocks.


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