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Skin Culture Peel 3000

Peel 3000 delivers outstanding beauty and clarification within 1 week.  Peel 3000 involves a six-day application process providing medium peel penetration, which removes years of...

Skin Culture Peel 3000

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Peel 3000 delivers outstanding beauty and clarification within 1 week.  Peel 3000 involves a six-day application process providing medium peel penetration, which removes years of...

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Peel 3000 delivers outstanding beauty and clarification within 1 week. 

Peel 3000 involves a six-day application process providing medium peel penetration, which removes years of thickened skin and deep cellular dirt and debris. The result? See and feel for yourself. Restored softness. Renewed color. A firmer, smoother, younger-looking complexion.

If you are treating a specific skin problem, such as acne scarring or fine lines then noticeable results can be obtained with a Peel 3000 or Peel 4000 treatment.

For complexion beauty and clarification, the Peel 3000 facial can do wonders for your skin.

Peel 3000 helps to improve skin appearance in all of the following conditions:

- Fine Lines & Wrinkles - Large Pores
- Spots & Acne Scarring - Sun Damaged Skin
- Blemishes - Uneven Skin Tones
- Blackheads - Other complexion irregularities



"I just had to drop you a line. I recently ordered and completed one of your Peel 3000 treatments. I have had phenomenal results and I absolutely love it!" Brenda Abraham, NY, USA



- Medium peel penetration
- Removes dead thickened cells
- Removes deep cellular dirt
- 6 day home application process
- Firms and smooths
- Restores softness
- Renews color
- Skin appears more youthful

The main active ingredients in the Skin Culture Chemical Skin Peel are Resorcinol, Salicylic Acid and less than 2% Phenol, which cause the skin to exfoliate. In addition, the oils of Thyme, Eucalyptus and Wintergreen, which have long been recognised in natural healing science as effective holistic healing agents for many skin problems.

While some chemical skin peel may feature just one of these ingredients alone, our unique formulation allows us to combine all three powerful exfoliators into a multi-acid peeling solution suitable for all skin types and issues. It has been used by hundreds of thousands of men and women of all ages and skin color with excellent, measurable results since 1937.

Active Ingredients:

  • Resorcinol
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Sulfur USP
  • Phenol (1.78%)

Other Ingredients:

  • Lanolin in USP AAA
  • Beeswax
  • Carnation Mineral Oil
  • Oil of Cade
  • Oil of Thyme
  • Methyl Salicylate
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Eucalyptus Oil


"Your products are very, very good and I've been telling all my friends about it. It may sound a bit patronising, but the pictures on your web site don't come close to showing how good your skin looks and feels after the treatment. Extremely happy person!" Rachel Mortimer, UK


One of the major benefits of the Skin Culture Peeling treatment is that it makes your skin produce Biostimulins, a substance that helps the cells survive. Think of Biostimulins as being the healthiest cells your body can produce. Now think of these cells moving forward from deep in the skin towards the surface.

As cells move forward, collagen fibres are strengthened, excessive oiliness is normalized - and follicles that have been blocked by cellular dirt and debris are uncovered. Rough textured skin will look smoother, and shallow lines are softened. The skin will feel firm and the acne infection deep in the skin will race forward to the surface - because it cannot live in an area that has been flooded with Biostimulins.



This client saw a noticeable improvement in the appearance of her skin after a single Peel 4000 treatment. The strength of treatment used will be dependent on the problem that you are treating, the severity of the problem and how long you have had the problem. Peel 4000 is the maximum strength skin peel and provides the deepest peeling.

The Skin Culture Peel will create a fresher tone and younger looking appearance to the skin. Also, when you have a peel you increase, excite and stimulate the flow of collagen that is present in your skin. This helps to smooth out fine lines and bring about a more youthful looking complexion and tone. Clients generally tend to use the peel once or twice a year to maintain a healthy, fresh and youthful appearance to their skin.


The peel treatments can be used on all skin types and skin colors. It will not make you lighter or darker than you naturally are, but will help to return your skin to its natural tone and texture and fade discoloration.

Most people achieve the desired results with a Peel 3000 or Peel 4000 treatment. But, as everybody is different and the severity of each problem varies we cannot guarantee that just one skin peel will produce the final results you are looking for. For example this client will need to do another peeling treatment in order to effectively remove the hyper-pigmentation caused from shaving.


Days 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the skin peel


During the 6 days the exclusive and safe formula of the Skin Culture Peel removes the dead skin. Dependent on the strength of peeling treatment being used the peeling formula is applied for the first two to four days of the six day process. The treatment is left on the skin for a period of 90 minutes then removed. On the 1st day there is a hot stinging sensation and the skin will become slightly tanned. On the 2nd day the skin will feel tight and on the 3rd and 4th day the skin will take on a healthy robust look, will be darker in color and slightly wrinkled. Peeling will usually occur on days 5 and 6.

The peeling formula comes in a thick cream form and just sits on the surface of the skin when applied. There is not the danger of the Skin Culture Peel being absorbed into the pores as can be the case with some TCA, AHA or Glycolic Acid peels which tend to be in a liquid or gel form.


Days 5 and 6


On the 5th and 6th day, peeling starts around the eyes and mouth areas and then the chin, cheeks and forehead. Peeling may continue beyond the 6 days and the complexion will continue to look better as old skin is replaced by a new skin that is tighter, smoother and younger looking.

There is an individual response to a facial peel but on average, you should be able to carry on your normal daily routine for the first three days of the six-day process. Generally, the skin does not start peeling until day five, and will continue peeling into days six and seven. 

Skin Peel Treatment After shots Skin Peel Treatment After shots  

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Donna Hess, Surrey United Kingdom


I worked my way up from Peel 2000 through 2 x 3000 peels to eventually take the deep 4000 peel (over a period of about 3 years) Whilst I noticed a difference in the amount of peeling that took place and the longer time it took to finish peeling with 4000, I did not notice a marked difference in the end result from the 3000 peel. I am happy with the overall result, although hoping for a bit more.

Nahida Begum, London UK


Skin culture peels are the best they are really safe to use and gives your skin a secound chance

dubravka kasic, Victoria Australia


Skin culture staff are efficient and pleasant. It was my 1st time purchasing online so i was a bit scared. I made a mistake with my purchase, which was corrected with the right product and refund :) Very happy girl :) I would definitely purchase at Skin Culture again.

R. Hawkins, Virginia USA


After using other peels over the past 20-25 years, I found out this is a peel that really works with immediate results! I used the Peel 4000 a couple of years ago on my back and upper arms where I have had acne scars for the past 30 years. After using the Peel 4000, most of my life-long acne scars have virtually disappeared. I'm going on a cruise in 4 months and just purchased the Peel 3000 to do it again!

Fernanda, Brazil


Gostei muito! Procedimento é fácil, indolor e os resultados são ótimos. Eliminou espinhas que não saíam há meses! Só acho que deveriam dar uma opção alternativa à vaselina para retirar o peeling, algo sem óleo para peles acneicas. E no Brasil, não podemos contar com o serviço de ajuda do Skin Culture. I enjoyed very much! Procedure is easy, painless and the results are great. Eliminated marks that do not leave for months! Just think that they should give an alternative option to petroleum jelly to remove the peeling, something without oil for acne skins. And in Brazil, we cannot rely on the service to help from Skin Culture, as it is difficult to contact them.

Client from the USA


The web sight is so easy to use and the peel works as promised. I have used retinoids since high school and always had a problem with the flaking and irritation they can cause. This product makes my skin glow! I have used them every six months for three years now and will continue to use them the rest of my life! Thanks Skin Culture!

Mikey, Canada


I used all the peels on SkinCulture since 2011 but the peel 3000 is great if you have minor breakouts or discoloration (hyper-pigmentation). I follow the regime (Glycolic cleanser,moisturizer and scrub) and for the first time in my life i am bump free, no more oily skin, well my face is smooth. I recommend this peel to all skin types even black people such as myself as long as you protect your skin from the sun you will see great result 6-10 days after the peeling.

MARCIA, Washington, USA


Directions were clear and I was very satisfied with the results -- removal of surface blemishes

Esme Hawes, USA


I've suffered with skin concerns since I was about 13 years old and over the years have attacked my poor skin with whatever weaponry I had - my fingers, blackhead removers, tweezers etc - trying to tackle the war zone which had become my face. How cruel, and not only spots but age spots, rough skin and wrinkles had started to form as I hit my 30's. I became obsessed with my skin and transfixed by other people's and spent hundreds trying to combat the problems, buying cover-ups that didn't cover up and creams that only worsened the problem. If only then I had realised there was a simple 6 day procedure which would give me the clear skin I had always craved and ultimately change my life by giving me my confidence back. Firstly I must add how amazing the Skin Culture staff are, before even making a purchase I had several email conversations with Michelle who took time to explain all the different peels available for my needs and we finally settled on a peel 3000. I was too nervous to try a peel 4000 but with hindsight I wish I had opted for this now as I think I would have seen even better results. However the peel 3000 gave me superior results at an amazing price. A small fraction of the price that a peel at a beauty salon or cosmetic surgeon would have cost. I could harldy wait for the peel to arrive but it literally arrived a day after placing my order. I decided to do my peel over an Easter Weekend as I wasn't sure if I would be able to go out or to work if my skin was peeling too badly but I neednt have worried as I didnt look too bad at all during the process. I was impressed with the peel, it looked space age and high tec and arrived in a case with wooden spatulas for apply the peel solution. The peels came in little pots with the correct amount of solution to apply to your face. It smelt very medicated but not unpleasant. I applied my first pot on the Wednesday evening and I must admit my skin felt like it was on fire. I had read on the instructions that this was to be expected but being a drama queen I was worried I was feeling it more than most so I telephoned the Skin Culture help line and spoke to a lovely gentleman (sorry can't remember his name) but he assured me this was perfectly normal and meant I was having a good result. He also suggested sitting in front of a fan as this would cool the skin and he was absolutley right. After 90 mins the peel was ready to be removed and I gently removed it with the spatula and went to bed, eagerly awaing what my skin would look like in the morning. The next day I was surprised to see my skin looked fine, it was glowing like I had been in the sun and I went to work and no one thought my skin looked sore or anything. I performed the same produre on the Thursday and Friday night. I was lucky it was the bank holiday weekend as I didn't have to go to work on the Friday but I looked fine and could have easily gone in without looking strange. My skin just felt really tight and looked like I had been sunburnt. On the Saturday I started to apply the normaliser cream. This is very soothing and my skin instantly felt less tight. I carried on applying this for the next couple of days and then the fun started....!!! By Sunday my face was peeling and I could see the beautiful fresh new skin underneath. I didnt go out on this day but it was a small price to pay. I was really careful not to pick at the skin like the instructions said, even though it was very tempting!!. By Monday evening near enough all the skin had been removed and I couldn't believe the results. My age spots and blackheads had virtually disappeared and the pot marks on my cheeks where I had excavated spots were so much smoother. My skin had a new glow and fine lines had been eliminated. I went back to work on Tuesday and only had to apply a very light covering of foundation and my colleagues couldn't beleive the difference in my skin. I couldn't stop checking myself in the mirror!!! I can't praise Skin Culture enough, the staff are lovely and friendly and they are happy to answer any questions with expert advice.

Wendy Clark, Pennsylvania


Excellent product and customer service!

Sujenny, Florida


The product works nicely. The peeling process, however, was very very slow - tiny pieces of skin peeled off over the course of two full weeks. I would still highly recommend the product as the results are very good - nice, fresh skin.

Sandra Fareaux, Connecticut, USA


Really good deep peel. I will definitely do it again.

Client from the Philippines


very convenient and easy to use in the comforts of your own home with very minimal downtime

Claire Izett, United States


Whoever is thinking of having a face lift should try this product first, the results are astonishing. Don't take my word on this; just try it for yourself, like i did. Now I swear by this product and have never looked back. It's worth every penny and more.

Ahmed, France


franchement le skin peel 3000 est merveilleux ;et ça marche.

Lois Thompson, Pennsylvania USA


This is a must to get your beautiful complexion back. I use it annually for a fresh skin tone. After the initial peel, the six days is easy and you can schedule it around your work. The first few days you do at work the remainder is on the weekend. Warm the peel, apply, remove. It is that easy. I have extra Normalizer that I use all year. Also, the face peel, the body peel and the skin care products are beyond approach and a must for anyone who cares about their skin and looking their best. Thank you.

Ms. Hughes, New York


Skin culture is a wonderful product i have never used anything like it. I get great reviews about my skin after administering the treatment. I love it!

Client from Los Angeles


Used before and always loved but i think I need to do a 4000 instead. I am an African American female that continuously gets dark marks and this product sure helps a lot

Tundi from the US


To everybody out there that is looking for a mild home chemical peel that really works, I really do suggest that you try Skin Culture Peels. I have dark skin, and have suffered terribly over the years with skin problems which have left me with lots of dark blemishes and uneven tones. I have tried product after product and none have come close to the results I got using Skin Culture Peels. I have been using the Peels for a year now, and continue using the aftercare products between peeling treatments. Try it today. I can promise you really won't regret it, and you too can also receive good compliments as I have done about your new skin.

Kelly, USA


I have moderate acne and have tried most of the tablets and creams prescribed by the Doctor. At my wits end I came across the Skin Culture site and decided to buy a 3000 peel. The peel gave great results and my skin was clearer then it had been in a long time. I then waited 2 months before trying the 4000 peel and am now so very happy with my skin. It's flawless with no sign of acne. I would definitely recommend this peel system and will continue to use them in the future.

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