Skin Culture Peel 2000

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Light Strength Chemical Skin Peel

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Peel 2000 enhances your complexion by removing the outer dead thickened skin and cellular dirt and debris. Damaged and aged layers peel away to reveal a clearer, smoother, new skin!

Completed in your home in six days Peel 2000 leaves your complexion renewed and revitalized.

Give yourself the luxurious Peel 2000 facial today and reveal a more beautiful complexion to yourself.... and the world!

"I first used your peel two years ago with great results. After letting my face get out of hand again, I decided to come back and buy again. I used your Peel 2000 and to no one's surprise, I got fantastic results again!" David Brown, UK


  • Removes dead thickened skin
  • 6-day application process
  • Freshens complexion
  • Removes cellular dirt and debris
  • Revitalizes and smoothes
  • Enhances complexion


Kimberly Gordon - 01/11/2021

I have been using this product for years, it’s the only product that takes 10 years off my appearance! Flawless, glowing and healthy is the outcome I get each time I use Skin Culture.

Paula Graves - 23/08/2021

I am personally a huge fan of your product and have used it for many (many!) years. Although I am now happy with the condition of my skin, and for that I cannot thank you enough, I still like to top up every so often with a Peel 2000. I personally feel it keeps my skin bright and youthful, and I have no intention of giving in to fine lines and wrinkles :)

So take care, and I that would like to thank you so much!

Isobel - 11/06/2021

I tried to post a 5-star review of Skin Culture but the submit button just takes you to an untitled page, but rest assured I will always give your products and the service 5- stars.

R Scott - 12/12/2020

The peels really worked for me in clearing up my acne and hyperpigmentation problems. I've been using it for decades.

Richard Scott - 17/04/2018

When I was a teenager I had acne really bad. While reading a magazine I found an ad for Skin Culture Institute and ordered a peeling product. The results were amazing! My skin cleared up heightening my self-esteem and confidence. No more hiding or shying away from people knowing they were looking at the oozing bumps on my face. Even my Mom was surprised and amazed by the improvement in my skin. With continued use my acne cleared up. That was over 30 years ago and I have used Skin Culture products from that time on with much success. An added plus to the product is the youthful appearance and glow it provides. I started using it to fight acne now I use it to soften age lines and wrinkles and people are surprised to find out that I’m much older than my appearance. That’s a real plus in the workforce and even dating. If I want to attract younger women I can and it really boosts my confidence. I would highly recommend Skin Culture Institute products to those with skin problems or anyone who just wants a more youthful look. I’m a lifelong customer and have no intentions to change that fact. Thanks Richard Scott

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