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Skin Culture Peel 4000

GET A FREE SKIN PEEL 1000 (worth $66.95)! Our maximum strength skin peel, providing the deepest peeling and best results.  Peel 4000 is literally a second chance for your skin and...

Skin Culture Peel 4000

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GET A FREE SKIN PEEL 1000 (worth $66.95)! Our maximum strength skin peel, providing the deepest peeling and best results.  Peel 4000 is literally a second chance for your skin and...

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GET A FREE SKIN PEEL 1000 (worth $66.95)!

Our maximum strength skin peel, providing the deepest peeling and best results. 

Peel 4000 is literally a second chance for your skin and can bring about a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your skin - Guaranteed!

It's a fact that as your skin ages its need for particular attention and individual care becomes necessary. Fortunately, your skin has the amazing capability of constant regeneration from within. This gives you an excellent chance to act - with a skin peel you can help your skin do its important job of renewal.

Peel 4000 helps to improve skin appearance in all of the following conditions:

- Fine Lines & Wrinkles - Large Pores
- Spots & Acne Scarring - Sun Damaged Skin
- Blemishes - Uneven Skin Tones
- Blackheads - Other complexion irregularities

Peel 4000 is the deepest, most penetrating cosmetic peeling treatment available within the Skin Culture range producing the best results. Most people achieve the desired results with their first Peel 4000 treatment. Severe or long-standing skin problem may possibly require more than one skin peel.

Peel 4000 removes deep cellular dirt and debris and rough, thickened damaged skin.

Peel 4000 penetrates your skin's damaged or aged outer cells and gently peels them away. Outer dull and blemished skin is removed and a fresh new radiant skin replaces it. Your face feels softer and smoother to the touch, and best of all looks more youthful than you ever thought possible.

Peel 4000 is literally a second chance for your skin. For enhanced complexion beauty and clarity, enjoy a Skin Culture Peel 4000 and reveal your most beautiful skin to yourself…and the world today!

  "I have just finished the Peel 4000 treatment today and I absolutely love my results! My face looks ten years younger. It is softer, smoother, and much more radiant than before! I can't express how much I am smiling right now and it is all thanks to you!" Donna Joseph, Michigan, USA  


  • Maximum strength peel
  • Removes years of deep cellular debris
  • Removes rough, thickened skin
  • Restores softness
  • Firms and smooths
  • Renews natural tone and texture
  • Makes skin radiant
  • 6 day home application process
  • 45 Day Guarantee

The main active ingredients in the Skin Culture Chemical Skin Peel are Resorcinol, Salicylic Acid and less than 2% Phenol, which cause the skin to exfoliate. In addition, the oils of Thyme, Eucalyptus and Wintergreen, which have long been recognised in natural healing science as effective holistic healing agents for many skin problems.

While some chemical skin peel may feature just one of these ingredients alone, our unique formulation allows us to combine all three powerful exfoliators into a multi-acid peeling solution suitable for all skin types and issues. It has been used by hundreds of thousands of men and women of all ages and skin color with excellent, measurable results since 1937.

Active Ingredients:

  • Resorcinol
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Sulfur USP
  • Phenol (1.78%)

Other Ingredients:

  • Lanolin in USP AAA
  • Beeswax
  • Carnation Mineral Oil
  • Oil of Cade
  • Oil of Thyme
  • Methyl Salicylate
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Eucalyptus Oil


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Karin, South Africa


I am a 37 year old caucasian female with slightly oily skin (only t-panel). The rest of my skin is dry. My complexion is fair with olive undertones. I had pigmentation on my forehead, chin and cheeks due to sunbed usage more than 10 years ago. I only went for 5 sessions, but the damage lasted for years! Beware, ladies!!! I much prefer this treatment to laser peeling or micro dermabrasion. The former being to risky for my liking and might worsen pigmentation and the latter being not very effective (from personal experience). It takes a bit of commitment though, because the treatment lasts for 6 days. I didn't feel that I was presentable during that time, so I stayed at home for a week. My skin tone has improved, pigmentation has faded a lot, though it seems I would have to do another Peel 4000 before it will be to my total satisfaction. I must admit I was hoping for total obliteration of all traces of pigmentation. Sigh! I would definitely use this peel again.



I have completed my peel and my skin looks really good. It looks plumper and fresher, smooth, bright and even toned. All my dark patches have gone.. Ii would highly recommend anyone to use this. It is a bit pricey but i feel the results are worth it.



I have used your product for years. I have previously contacted you guys about my rare skin condition and how using your product once to twice a year reduces the horrible cysts and sores. This product has medicinal purposes for me. I count on it.



The Peel 4000 is an excellent product!! My skin was really more brightened and clear after the treatment. It helps being better but it’s important to keep following a healthy way of life (food, sport, relaxation..). The skin culture team is a real plus! Quick responses every time and very Nice!! Thank you for all! I ordered a 2nd treatment and I am doing it now! I recommend this product!

Kim Turner


Skin looks really good. Well pleased! Kind Regards, Kim



Hi Skin Culture, I think I do not need this product currently as I use the skin peels for various scarrings I have on my body not my face and it works fantastic I am so happy I found this product. I will let you know when I do it on my face and need to maintain that. Kind regards, Iman

Leshoya, Georgia, USA


I Love skin culture for renewing my skin. Not only did it clear up my scars but it also basically diminished my acne as well. I used the product for 4 days, and it didn't peel off completely for around 5-6 days. My warning is NOT TO PEEL OFF THIS MASK YOURSELF, let it peel naturally, remember you're basically pulling off skin layers and pulling will not do anything but make your skin look worse and possibly cause more scars. If you do want to make it peel faster just use more of the moisturizer they provide more frequently. I am an African American so I did not think this would work on my skin but it made it look the best it has ever been. I received so many compliments afterwards and it seemed like it made over my skin since I did not receive any breakouts for about a month and even after that month i got maybe a bump here or a bump there lets say once ever 2-3 months, then again i did use a new soap after skin culture called "black soap" from to maintain my look. If you are acne prone to maintain your look either try the black soap i mentioned or the glycolic cleanser that skin culture also provides. I ordered a cheaper set recently from ebay only because i did not use my black soap like i should have and have new scars.I recommend this for anyone who needs a dramatic and quick literally changed my life and i cried when i saw my new face since I have had severe acne ever since i was in second grade.good luck to all who read this I love this product and am a fan for life.

Desmond Wright, London


I've used this particular productin the passed and found it very effective so that's why I've ordered again but haven't used it yet.

Tenzin khetsun, Himachal Pradesh India


skin culture 4000 is quite good. this is my first time use, and its not bad. i had acne marks on my face. this peel 4000 helps me some little bit on my face. its average for me.

Kelly Navarro, Brooklyn, NY United States


I have used this product many times as it always delivers excellent results. Scars disappear, pores are minimized and my skin looks and feels great afterwards. I try to do a full face peel once a year but also use this as a spot treatment when I cannot do a full peel.

Cristina Falcao, Brisbane Australia


I have done Peel 4000 for the 3rd time in the last five years. Always love the results!! Just make sure you take time off work as it is impossible to go out when are you peeling. It took me 10 days to peel off completely.

Belinda Feher, Queensland Australia


As a returning customer and user of the skin peel 4000 I absolutely love what this peel does for my skin, helps my pigment and skin looks and feels so smooth and soft, will definitely be up for this again and again.

Osmar Lopes, Brazil


excelente vendedor

Abby, The Netherlands


Great service at low prices

Ricardo, Texas, USA


Great service and product on time. Will definitely buy from this seller again.

Judy Johnson, Arizona, USA


I only used one container as this was my first peel. Having very sensitive skin, I wasn't certain how my skin would react...I felt the tingling sensation on my skin, which I understood to be normal. I followed up with the cream for the next few days and instructed. My skin did peel, more flaking than peel. My skin looks and feels great. Will use the entire peel system next time.

SANDRA, Paris, France


I received my order under 7 days. I started my peel last Monday. My acne related hyper pigmentation has almost completely disappeared. I will need probably another peel to have a perfect skin. But the difference is incredible

John b, USA


I've never used a chemical peel before or since but this product made me look 5 years younger. It came with 4 jars of peel I only used 3. Only reason I give 4 instead of 5 star is price was high for a man getting a facial peel. I'm happy overall. Recommend having a week off for this process.

kyleminx, USA


great peel. second time using it and i'm not disappointed. would definitely recommend it to others. great for acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and other skin discoloration. i'd suggest doing it when you don't have to go out a lot because the "during" is unattractive but the "after" is awesome.

Client from Arizona


It is a very active product! It worth the money spent on it

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