Blemish Control

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Cleans and clears your skin and prevents blemishes

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Blemish Fix is a fast-acting spot treatment which effectively combines salicylic acid, with Witch Hazel, and Camphor. Salicylic acid deep cleans your skin and unblocks pores while hydrating. It cleans and clears your skin and prevents blemishes with its antiseptic action.

Witch hazel cleans and soothes acne irritation, spots and pimples. It acts as an astringent cleaning and toning skin making it less oily and healthier. It dissolves dead skin cell build-up and eliminates harmful bacteria, thus clearing your spots and blemishes

Camphor controls oil production and assists in reducing inflammation, resulting in a clear and healthy complexion. This intensive formula means Blemish Fix is a total solution for pimples and blemishes of all kinds -whether you have blackheads, zits, acne marks, or just plain old spots!


For blemished skin. While witch hazel gently tones and camphor conditions, the salicylic acid contained in the formulation deeply cleans and helps spot treat blemished skin.

Witch hazel act as an antiseptic and prevents further spots forming, whilst the salicylic acid exfoliates the skin.

Skin Type:

Suitable for all skin types.


0.23 fl oz


Client from the USA - 31/12/2013

Really dried out blemishes. Application is easy.

Mikey. QC Canada - 28/12/2013

The Blemish Fix product help me a lot to prevent blemish to grow. I am a black men with combination skin and prone to light acne bumps. This product is great and will last long time because you need a little use each time.

farhan dollah Singapore - 27/12/2013

Super effective..

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