Waseem Ramzan Rochdale United Kingdom  -  21/10/2015

its good but takes loong time to work

Nicole Nutile New Jersey USA  -  11/11/2014

I was really skeptical about trying this cream. I have used other scar treatments that lefty unsatisfied and discouraged from wanting to try other products. A friend recommended I look into one of the peels and I came across the Silicon Scar Treatment. Its only been 2 weeks and I have noticed a tremendous difference in my scarred areas. Great product that I would recommend to anyone.

Linda Feehan Dublin Republic of Ireland  -  10/11/2014

Ive just started using the silicone scar treatment gel and find it excellent i can see results already! I would certainly recommend it to my friends.

Client from New Orleans LA United States  -  01/11/2014

Easy application. Noticeable difference in prominence and roughness of scar. Smooths right away.

Client from port macquarie NSW Australia  -  01/11/2014

Have been using to treat keloid scars acne scaring old scars and fresh scars from using product to remove moles. Had the keloid scars for years really protruded a lot itched hurt and could not sleep on that side of body. Not so long ago had 4 or 5 expensive injection treatments which did flatten them and eliminated pain but scars still very purple which left me dissatisfied. Would have been great if I had gel to use before and after surgeries. Has been working well so far colour has gone down a lot in some patches on scar even looks like a normal white/ skin coloured scar. If ends up looking like a normal faded scar will finally be satisfied anything more would be a bonus. Has also had a good effect on acne scaring more than any other product I have used. Interested and excited to see how everything continues to heal. Thank you for a great product that does what it claims.