Mary London UK  -  07/04/2011

I normally purchase peel 3000. I find it helps to smooth out my fine lines and reduce dark blemishes. The tone of my skin improves. It is much smoother after each peel. I honestly love the results I get from it. Hand on heart this product works! So much that I use it twice a year. The only drawback is that it takes around nine days or so for my skin to peel. The skin culture peels has taken years of my age. Thank you Skin culture!

Customer from London  -  03/04/2011

This skin peel is good it left my skin feeling soft to touch which is a good thing. However I think I need to do another one in a couple of months time to completely get rid of the acne scars as I am having to use foundation to hide it completely. The good thing is that my acne has stopped flaring up for now - I have not had any breakouts. thanks a lot!

C Clout, London, England  -  14/06/2010

Hi, I've just finished using the Peel 3000 and I have been very impressed with the results. I will be purchasing the Peel 4000 shortly as I am really keen to go a bit deeper and also will be purchasing the aftercare products as I didn't buy that with the Peel 3000, as I wasn't sure how it would all turn out, and I'm pleased that I'm pleasantly surprised with the results!

What I like the most is that the bags under my eyes have almost just gone and so have my laughter lines and the wrinkle I had on my forehead is diminished. Years of using gadgets to try and remove them and they wouldn't budge and now they've gone in a week! Awesome! I'm 36, didn't look old but had that tired look about me for a while.

I'm glad it's worked so well and I'm glad to be able to share my day to day progress with readers around the world! Best wishes