Amrew Weekes USA  -  23/11/2011

I tried Skin Culture to help with my acne scars. When I used the Peel I was very pleased with the results. The scars faded and the acne that I had on my face went away as my skin peeled leaving no scars. One thing that stood out was that my skin was really so smooth after the peel. It looked like I was wearing foundation even though I wasnt! I continued to use the after care products daily and it maintained the results. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to do any kind of peel as this product is safe and natural. Thank you.

Customer from London  -  20/08/2011

The product is very effective but not as strong as when I first tried it about 10yrs ago. However the plus side is the face is no longer brown during the peeling process and consequently much less shocking and more comfortable . The process also takes longer than 6 days and I would say allow at least 9 before going "public" as the last few days are the most unsightly.

Lorraine Johnson St Leonards on Sea East Sussex UK  -  07/08/2011

1st time user the results were good but peeling took considerably longer than indicated. I would use the product again despite this.

Mary Okwong London  -  24/05/2011

I normally purchase peel 3000 and I find it helps to smooth out fine lines and diminish any dark blemishes. The tone of my skin is a lot more even and smooth after each peel. I honestly love the results I get from it. Hand on heart this product works! So much that I use it twice a year. My only criticism is that it takes around nine days for my skin to peel. After completing each peel I get a rash which lasts for a few days. Using skin culture peels has taken 10 years off my age - this is no gimmick!

Ann Denman Cobham Surrey UK  -  08/05/2011

Have used skin culture peels for many years. Once a year I have a skin peel and the results are fantastic. My skin is so much improved after each peel and I have had lots of compliments about the quality of my skin. all down to skin culture!