Client from Los Angeles  -  30/06/2012

Used before and always loved but i think I need to do a 4000 instead. I am an African American female that continuously gets dark marks and this product sure helps a lot

Tundi from the US  -  23/05/2012

To everybody out there that is looking for a mild home chemical peel that really works I really do suggest that you try Skin Culture Peels. I have dark skin and have suffered terribly over the years with skin problems which have left me with lots of dark blemishes and uneven tones. I have tried product after product and none have come close to the results I got using Skin Culture Peels. I have been using the Peels for a year now and continue using the aftercare products between peeling treatments. Try it today. I can promise you really wont regret it and you too can also receive good compliments as I have done about your new skin.

Kelly USA  -  07/05/2012

I have moderate acne and have tried most of the tablets and creams prescribed by the Doctor. At my wits end I came across the Skin Culture site and decided to buy a 3000 peel. The peel gave great results and my skin was clearer then it had been in a long time. I then waited 2 months before trying the 4000 peel and am now so very happy with my skin. Its flawless with no sign of acne. I would definitely recommend this peel system and will continue to use them in the future.

Yasmeen Benraheem Israel  -  23/01/2012

I used your skin culture peel 3000 first and followed up with the peel 4000 two months later. I have found that my skin looks and feels better ever since I used them. I also use your After care products and really enjoy them. I find that they reduce my breakouts & make my skin smoother & softer. I am very satisfied with Skin Culture products & recommend them to anyone who wants to feel & look great.

Lineth Hypolite USA  -  17/12/2011

The first time I used a peel from Skin Culture was in 1994 aged 31. I used the peel 3000. At first I was a bit sceptical as I had tried other peels which just stung my face did nothing or made my skin irritated. After a week and a half I could not stop touching my face it felt like a new born babys silky skin.

Being of African Caribbean origin with an uneven skin tone my skin was now clear and bright and this really boosted my confidence especially when people commented on how healthy my skin looked.

Since then and now aged 48 I try to use a Skin Culture skin peel at lease once a year for maintenance. I have tried the Peel 1000 2000 and 3000 with no problems just smooth clear skin.

Now close to 50 I am going to give my skin a special treat and go for the peel 4000 even though people still cannot guess my age to the upset of my 23 year old son when we are out together and people think that Im either his girlfriend or his big sister. I dont believe in most statements when it comes to skin care products and over the years I have tried many different products ranging from £1.99 to £99.

Im very grateful to Skin Culture and bless the day that I decided to try their product it definitely does what it claims to do.

I recommended the Skin Culture Peels to a relative as she had scarring and blemished skin. I met up with her 6 months later and as soon as I saw her I knew that she had used the peel she was happy to say yes because her skin was so beautiful.

African Caribbean skin is very difficult to manage but the Skin Culture peel helps to regulate pigmentation and many other any skin problems. While doing the peel your skin may be a bit unsightly due to the peeling of the skin but it is worth it once you see the results.