Client from the Philippines  -  01/09/2012

very convenient and easy to use in the comforts of your own home with very minimal downtime

Claire Izett United States  -  18/08/2012

Whoever is thinking of having a face lift should try this product first the results are astonishing. Dont take my word on this; just try it for yourself like i did. Now I swear by this product and have never looked back. Its worth every penny and more.

Ahmed France  -  06/08/2012

franchement le skin peel 3000 est merveilleux ;et ça marche.

Lois Thompson Pennsylvania USA  -  27/07/2012

This is a must to get your beautiful complexion back. I use it annually for a fresh skin tone. After the initial peel the six days is easy and you can schedule it around your work. The first few days you do at work the remainder is on the weekend. Warm the peel apply remove. It is that easy. I have extra Normalizer that I use all year. Also the face peel the body peel and the skin care products are beyond approach and a must for anyone who cares about their skin and looking their best. Thank you.

Ms. Hughes New York  -  14/07/2012

Skin culture is a wonderful product i have never used anything like it. I get great reviews about my skin after administering the treatment. I love it!