MARCIA Washington USA  -  29/10/2012

Directions were clear and I was very satisfied with the results -- removal of surface blemishes

Esme Hawes USA  -  29/10/2012

Ive suffered with skin concerns since I was about 13 years old and over the years have attacked my poor skin with whatever weaponry I had - my fingers blackhead removers tweezers etc - trying to tackle the war zone which had become my face. How cruel and not only spots but age spots rough skin and wrinkles had started to form as I hit my 30s. I became obsessed with my skin and transfixed by other peoples and spent hundreds trying to combat the problems buying cover-ups that didnt cover up and creams that only worsened the problem.

If only then I had realised there was a simple 6 day procedure which would give me the clear skin I had always craved and ultimately change my life by giving me my confidence back. Firstly I must add how amazing the Skin Culture staff are before even making a purchase I had several email conversations with Michelle who took time to explain all the different peels available for my needs and we finally settled on a peel 3000. I was too nervous to try a peel 4000 but with hindsight I wish I had opted for this now as I think I would have seen even better results.

However the peel 3000 gave me superior results at an amazing price. A small fraction of the price that a peel at a beauty salon or cosmetic surgeon would have cost. I could harldy wait for the peel to arrive but it literally arrived a day after placing my order. I decided to do my peel over an Easter Weekend as I wasnt sure if I would be able to go out or to work if my skin was peeling too badly but I neednt have worried as I didnt look too bad at all during the process.

I was impressed with the peel it looked space age and high tec and arrived in a case with wooden spatulas for apply the peel solution. The peels came in little pots with the correct amount of solution to apply to your face. It smelt very medicated but not unpleasant. I applied my first pot on the Wednesday evening and I must admit my skin felt like it was on fire. I had read on the instructions that this was to be expected but being a drama queen I was worried I was feeling it more than most so I telephoned the Skin Culture help line and spoke to a lovely gentleman (sorry cant remember his name) but he assured me this was perfectly normal and meant I was having a good result. He also suggested sitting in front of a fan as this would cool the skin and he was absolutley right.

After 90 mins the peel was ready to be removed and I gently removed it with the spatula and went to bed eagerly awaing what my skin would look like in the morning. The next day I was surprised to see my skin looked fine it was glowing like I had been in the sun and I went to work and no one thought my skin looked sore or anything. I performed the same produre on the Thursday and Friday night. I was lucky it was the bank holiday weekend as I didnt have to go to work on the Friday but I looked fine and could have easily gone in without looking strange. My skin just felt really tight and looked like I had been sunburnt.

On the Saturday I started to apply the normaliser cream. This is very soothing and my skin instantly felt less tight. I carried on applying this for the next couple of days and then the fun started....!!! By Sunday my face was peeling and I could see the beautiful fresh new skin underneath. I didnt go out on this day but it was a small price to pay. I was really careful not to pick at the skin like the instructions said even though it was very tempting!!.

By Monday evening near enough all the skin had been removed and I couldnt believe the results. My age spots and blackheads had virtually disappeared and the pot marks on my cheeks where I had excavated spots were so much smoother. My skin had a new glow and fine lines had been eliminated. I went back to work on Tuesday and only had to apply a very light covering of foundation and my colleagues couldnt beleive the difference in my skin. I couldnt stop checking myself in the mirror!!!

I cant praise Skin Culture enough the staff are lovely and friendly and they are happy to answer any questions with expert advice.

Wendy Clark Pennsylvania  -  20/10/2012

Excellent product and customer service!

Sujenny Florida  -  29/09/2012

The product works nicely. The peeling process however was very very slow - tiny pieces of skin peeled off over the course of two full weeks. I would still highly recommend the product as the results are very good - nice fresh skin.

Sandra Fareaux Connecticut USA  -  13/09/2012

Really good deep peel. I will definitely do it again.