Lindy Hartig  -  13/05/2022

Great product, easy to use, relatively fast treatment, no raw skin. I have used this peel four times and will use it again.

Ann Denman  -  04/04/2022

Fantastic face peel. Easy to do at home with excellent results. I purchase a face peel every year and it really improves skin.

Paula Graves  -  23/08/2021

I am personally a huge fan of your product and have used it for many (many!) years. Although I am now happy with the condition of my skin, and for that I cannot thank you enough, I still like to top up every so often with a Peel 2000. I personally feel it keeps my skin bright and youthful, and I have no intention of giving in to fine lines and wrinkles :)

So take care, and I that would like to thank you so much!

Donia Richer  -  26/04/2021

Good peel, it got rid of 85% of my post inflammatory hyperpigmentation that was caused by another peel from a different company.
I wish the 40% off sale wasn’t just once a year.

Layla Barnes  -  16/03/2021

Used it for years love it every time