Tari Adams  -  07/07/2020

I am an esthetician and have used this product in the past, on my clients and myself...it is 7 days of ugly, but after that the skin is smooth, hydrated, and helps restore collagen which leaves skin firmer.

Micael Jimenez  -  14/06/2020

3rd time doing this peel within a ten year period, always impressed with results.

Jean Napier  -  29/04/2020

I have been using these peels for a few years now and could honestly not be without them they make my skin glow. People always comment on how amazing I look for my age. Excellent value for money. I will definitely be using these peels for years to come.

Tari  -  26/04/2020

I have used this peel before and it is excellent.. I do facials for a living but this one is for me.. Perfect for being in quarantine.

michelle mclaren  -  08/03/2020

Did absolutely nothing ...... very disappointed as i used a few years ago with excellent results