Marbella  -  15/11/2020

El producto es muy bueno pq yo lo usé el año pasado y fue fenomenal pero este ano no me funcionó me tocó que llamar para la devolución de mi dinero, no sé si es que cambiaron los químicos que no ví ningún resultado no lo recomiendo porque es perder su tiempo en usar algo que no trabaja como se supone que debe ser

Virginia  -  14/11/2020

Excellent thorough peel. Very efficient
This peel is the best on the market , if you want a deep skin rejuvenation.
My skin starts to peel within a few days after using it . I have it mainly on my forehead, as I have got some acne scarring there and it has improved it dramatically. I tend to wear a hat when my peeling process starts to avoid looking like something from the zombie apocalypse movie. I have been using it for several years now and never had any problems.

Nisanyon Boye  -  25/09/2020

I have purchased this item from you before and it was a dark cream and it peeled my skin perfectly. I purchased it from you again and it was a light cream and my skin did not peel at all after using all 4 tubs. I think I received a defective batch. for $170 it should have at least peeled my skin for the 7 days and the investment, I am disappointed.

Mark   -  20/09/2020

My face had discoloration, dark circles... in a bad state and I was so fed up because no skin clinic could help. But the skin culture peel 4000 changed my life and I still continue to see the beauty of my complexion. Thank you very much

Eleanor  -  06/09/2020

I’ve been using this product since 2006.
Always brilliant results.
Initially you think :-(
However, within two weeks!:-))