Z Mcleish  -  16/01/2021

The skin peel culture a great professional system, while my skin is peeling which creme product to use for maintaining the skin colour and texture. I am happy with the peeling system and will continue in the future to use the peeling kit, thank you.

M Hamby  -  16/12/2020

I love the skin peels. Honestly I think if I could do it a couple times every year it would make a bigger impact on my skin. I just wish they were a little cheaper. With that said the product is worth the $ in my opinion.

G Benson  -  13/12/2020

I find the peels very effective. Due to my scarring I need to use the Peel 4000 many times to remove the scar but the end result is excellent.

misselvis  -  08/12/2020

Good price, swift delivery- have used this product several times over the years always gives good results. Peeling does go beyond day 6 but am very pleased with the eventual outcome of improved skin tone and reduced hyperpigmentation. Very pleased

Monty  -  18/11/2020

I've been using for 10 years now. This time I'm going to do Peel 4 each month for three consecutive months, (wait a month then get a professional ipl session if I need it). All in, costs less than £500 but the results are amazing. I love the totally natural look, unlike some of my friends who use botox and fillers etc. this is a different thing all together.

I get excellent results using this, my skin is glowing and really healthy after just one peel. Worth the wait. The aftercare kits are good, their sunblock is good too - i use it most days tiny amount.