Drew  -  18/02/2021

Fantastic! This was a great product. I would definitely buy again. Skin Culture is a great company and I would recommend the company.

Gigi  -  13/02/2021

I’ve used Skin Culture for 25 years. It’s well worth the price. The price is irrelevant. It does work. It’s. best to do a peel at least once a year or two is best. Don’t peel/pick at the loose skin and keep the skin well moisturized during the peeling process. Highly recommended.

Andre  -  28/01/2021

Superb product. I have been using this peel since 1989, and cannot see myself using any other skin peel. In fact, over the years, I've tried other peels but none of them compare to your Peel 4000.

Guillot  -  28/01/2021

Pelling qui a été efficace. Teint unifié, visage plus lumineux mais attention faut vraiment entretenir le pelling par la suite. N'a pas fais disparaître mes syringomes mais ce n'était pas le but ça les a sûrement atténué mais je les vois toujours.

Peeling which was effective. More even complexion and brighter face. But be careful with the peeling afterwards. Did not make my syringomas go away but that was not the goal it definitely alleviated them but I still see them.

Nathalie, France  -  27/01/2021

I also use Skin Culture on focused skin problems such as scars (white or red), using a small localized amount of treatment to peel skin, and apply for a short time over several days.