Joseph Staples  -  16/03/2021

Thank you for your product. I had a chemical burn on my face from a Lactid Acid facial peel. The dark mark I was trying get rid of got 100 times darker & hard like a scab. Peel 4000 did the trick in about 2 weeks. After the 6 day process, the damaged outer skin layers began to peel right off exposing fresh new skin. Thank you. I don't know what I would have done if we didn't have a MASK MANDATE.... my face was a mess.... Thanks again

Gina White  -  06/03/2021

It’s really a one-of-a-kind product you can do at home!

Rashida  -  03/03/2021

First time buyer here and I was hesitant at first but the Peel 4000 is a great product!! My skin before treatment was dull, with hyperpigmentation and quite a few acne scars. After the peel, it revealed glowing, even skin. Extremely pleased with my new skin! :)

MAC  -  25/02/2021

I was surprised at how well it worked !!! I purchased the Peel 4000 as someone recommended it, to be honest I was skeptical. I wanted to freshen up my skin, get rid of slight pigmentation around my mouth and my fine lines.

Since completing the process, people have said " I look really well, fresh faced" ( even via Zoom) so I guess it has indeed freshened up my appearance and most of my pigmentation has gone. Also I can see a noticeable reduction in my fine lines and even a deeper line that I had on my forehead. Thanks Skin Culture

Farrah  -  21/02/2021

An amazing face glow, clean and smooth. There are not enough great words to describe this product. The process was easy to follow and do.