Jessica Paris France  -  18/07/2011

I first read about Skin Culture on the internet because it was one of the top searches for skin peels. At the time when I bought my first peel from you (about 3 years ago) I had a lot of marks and scars on my face due to acne. I used to pick and squeeze my spots which left many marks so I wanted the peel to take off the top layers of my skin to reduce the appearance of the scars. I did a patch test first which worked fine and then applied it to my whole face one and a half hours each night for 4 nights. The peel worked really well I immediately saw results and I became a lot more confident to go out without make-up. Since then I have bought quite a few peels. The last time was this time last year and since then I have not had acne only very few spots here and there. I would like to buy the peel 4000 just to refresh the appearance of my skin since I now have some white patches on my face (fungal infection I think). I think the skin peel is a great product for the people who suffer from skin problems as it removes the layers of skin that normal facial products cannot. I remember being very self conscious about going out and letting others see me without make up and since I have had the peels I now have what people consider good skin.

RM. Sheffield UK  -  24/06/2011

hi i would like to say i have used the skin peel and my face is better than before and might after use again later but it has improved for now.

Vin Hounslow London UK  -  04/04/2011

I would certainly do it again ! But it did take 8 days to peel away . I feel the next peel will bring about further more improvement . But I am very happy :)

Nina UK  -  29/03/2011

Love it and will always buy as i have been for many! many! years! Keeps me looking gr8! Thank You.

Customer from Cardiff  -  02/03/2011

Really helped me achieve clear and beautiful skin