Sharon Poole USA  -  13/10/2011

At around age 45 I started having problems with hormonal cystic acne. I went to many doctors and tried many different things to cure my problem but it just seemed to get steadily worse and worse. I was surfing the web one night searching for acne information and came across a blog by a guy who recommended Skin Culture facial peeling as a way to control severe acne. Since I also had fine lines due to age I figured why not try this product and see if it can help me.

I purchased the peel 4000 and it was quite an experience. I work full time so I actually had to go into work during part of the peeling process. That was somewhat embarrassing. I have done several peels now and have learned to time the worst stage of it to occur over the weekend.

I was really pleased and amazed with the results of the peel. It was not overly harsh. It cleared up my stubborn acne cysts and gave me a fresh "new" face in the process. It did not cure my acne I continued to get new cysts. But it helped resolve my lesions more quickly than anything else I have tried (except for the $1500 laser treatment I had which in the end was not worth the money because the effects only lasted 4 months.)

The Skin Culture peel is a very wonderful product. I love it. It is also reasonably priced for what it does. I like that I can control how I use it. Now that my acne is not as bad as it used to be I sometimes use the peel as a spot treatment to clear up stubborn cysts. Nothing else has worked for me. In fact I need to order another peel 4000 and have been waiting until I can fit it into my budget.

A big thank you to Skin Culture for helping me get my face back when even the dermatologists couldnt.

Joseph Siu USA  -  11/10/2011

After using the Peel 4000 there is a radical improvement in my skins condition. Using the chemical peel has removed blackheads and acne scars the skin on my face now feels like baby skin! I introduced the product to my girlfriend and she loves it as well!

Gretchen Engbers Connecticut USA  -  26/09/2011

It takes way longer than 6 days to complete. Not sure how well it worked because I am still peeling. Underneath what did peel is red looking

Anthony Andaloro Hollywood  -  13/09/2011

I am on day 2 of my skin culture peel 4000. The peel seems to be pretty mild compared to what other reviewers are saying about this peel. I have not experienced any burning sensations and my skin is not that red. I have felt a slight stinging a few minutes after I apply the peeling cream. But nothing that intense at all. I hope that this peel works for me. I had such high expectations before using it. I will keep my progress and results updated...thats all for now.

Customer from London  -  02/09/2011

The peel is mild and I experienced little or no burning sensations and no redness at all. I completed the treatment and started peeling on the 6th day. My peeling was partial only on my lower face and not my upper face. My face is now in patches. I had high expectations of this treatment. Not sure it has worked well for me. I probably have to try it again.