Kalia Yang USA  -  06/01/2012

I just wanted to Thank You for everything. Nothing means more than having self confidence in the way I look now. I used to have very bad acne and nothing worked. Additionally the acne scars were deep in my skin. The Skin Culture Face peel truly helped to clear up my face. Again I just want to Thank You. I will keep using your products to help clear up my skin. Plus I get complements from all my friends saying that I look younger and my skin looks really nice.

Ruth Chan USA  -  04/01/2012

Since young Ive never had good skin as I never learned how to care for it. Throughout my teenage years I had bad bouts of pimples oily skin blackheads scarring; you name it. Not long ago I tried all sorts of methods to try to salvage the condition of my skin by applying oatmeal masks yoghurt honey juice etc and nearly totally wrecked my skin with lemon juice and daily exfoliation with salt granules. By chance I discovered Skin Cultures website and decided to try the peel out of desperation. To my great surprise it was not harsh like the lemon juice which made my skin bleed. Instead it was easy to apply didnt make a mess and the slight stinging sensation assured me the product was working. Because my skin was really scarred the first few times of applying the peel did not eradicate the scars and for a time my skin looked worse. But after the first few times my skin cleared up was soft and supple and the scars are almost gone. Thank you Skin Culture for such a great product!

Barbara Anderson USA  -  04/12/2011

Unfortunately I didnt have the expected results but appreciated your return policy you have with your products. I thank you for my refund.

Sandra Robinson USA  -  16/11/2011

I am so glad I ordered the Peel 4000. I had so many dark hyper-pigmented spots on my face and neck and tried so many other products that either didnt work or didnt work well enough. Or other peels that couldnt be used on black skin. This product works and its the best thing Ive ever done for myself. I cannot wait until the peel for the body comes out - I have the same dark hyper-pigmented spots on my back upper arms and chest and if the body peel works as well as the face peel does Ill be able to wear the cute little tops that Ive been ogling in the stores!

Dorothy Rodgers USA  -  13/10/2011

I have used the peel several times and have always been delighted with the results. It is by far less expensive than having a peel at the dermatologist. You can use it in the privacy of your home and see results within a week. Love the face products and cant wait until they come out with the body products.