Charles Woods USA  -  08/02/2012

I am a 73 year old male who in the past did nothing to take care of my skin. My skin was looking very old with age spots and all the rest. I decided to do something about the way I looked and after doing research on line bought the Skin Culture Peel 4000. I have now used the Peel 4000 two times.

Yesterday I was in the hospital for a routine procedure and the male nurse in his twenties said to me that he hopes he looks and good as I do at age 73. I was so pleased and know I owe it to Skin Culture. I plan to use the Peel 4000 at lease once a year.

Yasmeen Benraheem Israel  -  05/02/2012

I used your skin culture peel 3000 first and followed up with the peel 4000 two months later. I have found that my skin looks and feels better ever since I used them. I also use your After care products and really enjoy them. I find that they reduce my breakouts & make my skin smoother & softer. I am very satisfied with Skin Culture products & recommend them to anyone who wants to feel & look great.

Denese Robinson USA  -  18/01/2012

I have used this product for the past 3-4 years. I have had wonderful results with all the products from the peel to the normaliser and moisturisers. I use them all! At the present time my son is using the products (peel) for a few blemishes he has on his chest. Im a Black female therefore this product works for all ethnic groups without any issues. I will continue to use this product as I age gracefully.

Brenda USA  -  10/01/2012

I have been using your skin peel for 10 years now. Quite simply it is still the best product of its kind on the market. Most other products out there claiming to be skin peels are really no more then skin exfoliates; they do not give you a real peel. I have had professional micro-dermabrasion in the past and I can honestly say I have gotten better results from the skin culture peel. I use the peel 3000 or 4000 several times a year with consistently good results. I know its a great product because my skin is actually looking BETTER as I age!

A Washington USA  -  10/01/2012

i have been using your products for some time. Since I was a teenager Ive always had problem skin so I am very familiar with you guys. I decided to try the peel 4000 since everything else I tried was not working and I had already spent a ton of money trying to get rid of some very deep dark spots. To my surprise the Peel worked removing about 60 percent of the spots. Ive just ordered another to peel 4000 to get rid of the rest and have told a few friends about you guys as well