michele crichton Canada  -  15/03/2013

I have used the product before but have not yet used the one I just purchased. I am looking forward to it! My last peel was very successful and I recommend it to friends and collegues.

carlen bowie MD United States  -  22/02/2013

I get TCA peels once a year. I thought I would try the SCP 4000 at home this year instead. It didnt go as deep as the office TCA but did do a nice job. I only had very light peeling on my forhead and the sides of my face and I put the peel on very evenly. The one nice thing about this peel is that I was able to put it close to my eyes. Although it burned the final result was beautiful.

T. Bryant New Jersey United States  -  29/01/2013

I haven t actually used the Peel 4000 yet because although I ordered it on March 12 and was told it shipped on the 13th I still have not received my order! I was told to allow 20 days...its now been over a month. Since you need to allow a good ten+ days for the peeling process I had worked it into my schedule to begin the peel last week so it didnt interfere with work kids sporting events and several planned social events. Now Im gonna be delayed quite a while so Im not happy! However...I did use the Peel 3000 four years ago and was very pleased with the results. Its difficult to just let it peel naturally -- Im a picker! And it got a bit uncomfortable especially on the neck area (very-dry- skin kind of burning and itching) but the normalizing lotion helped and my skin looked great afterwards! Now Im pre-menopausal - dang hormones! - and having issues again so Im praying the 4000 will offer the same or better results. IF I ever get it!!......

sherrie capraro Oklahoma United States  -  20/01/2013

I love the skin culture peel! It has made such an improvement in my skin. This is the first time I have used the 4000 (previously I used the 3000) and had no problems. It worked exactly as promised. I did however have some trouble with the ordering. I had recieved an email offer for free shipping and was still charged. I tried calling and leaving a message and even sent an email but the problem was never corrected. Otherwise the shopping was quick and easy. Perhaps you could include an offer code with your discounts to elimate any confusion. Thanks so much!

Deborah Pascal South Carolina USA  -  19/01/2013

Love your products. Highly recommend to others. Will be ordering again in the future. Thanks