Shelah Bechtel  -  09/01/2022

I have been using the skin culture peel 4000 for years now and absolutely love how it makes my skin normal instead of an oil slick. I also am the oldest of 3 sisters and I have significantly less wrinkles and blemishes than they do.

Brenda Shade  -  05/01/2022

I have been using these peels since 1970. No one believes I am 67 and I know one of the reasons are these peels. I highly recommend them!

Mary Anne Bongiovanni  -  02/01/2022

I didn’t have the peeling others seemed to have. It did improve my skin a little, but the 4000 only seemed like more of a light medium depth peel. I might try it again, or maybe it’s time to try a laser treatment.

Alex  -  14/12/2021

Let me start of by saying I had very deep hyper pigmentation from using sun exposure to try and get rid of my acne which left my skin with dark dull patches… luckily I stumbled across skin culture… I saved up enough money to buy the skin culture peel 4000 aiming to get rid of my very deep hyperpigmentation. After completing the first 4 days of skin culture peel I noticed a major improvement although the hyperpigmentation was still visible I should have left it a month to heal and I’m sure it would have faded in that time but I was looking for instant results so I reapplied what I had left in each pot a week later (which I would not recommend applying a week later wait at-least 4 weeks) although after the second round I saw a drastic improvement the hyperpigmentation was still there at this point I had lost hope……⭐️3 weeks later all hyperpigmentation was completely gone not a single dark patch in sight gave my skin a fresh healthy look

Tatiana  -  25/10/2021

After so many failed or disappointed attempt to get a satisfying and worth your money peel that I can do in the comfort of my home and for a reasonable price, I am so glad that I’ve found Skin Culture Peel. I’ve been using it for years now and I can honestly say that its made my skin amazing after the first use (using peel 4000)! I had hyperpigmentation, acne, acne scarring and it all went! I’m now only using it as a refresher which also improved my fine lines! I never took the chance to write a proper review which was long overdue, as I keep getting compliments about my skin each and every single time I’m using this peel. It’s very safe, however, i have combination skin, so as stated on their website I would always do a patch test prior doing the peel especially for sensitive skin. Thank you Skin Culture!