Caroline London  -  16/04/2013

I am a dark skinned african woman. I have skin with uneven tones hyperpigmentation whiteheads and scars. I had to wear tones of concealer/foundation and powder to try to conceal my scars and uneven skin. Imagine how ridiculous a dark skinned girl looks with heavy make up. But I had to do it before I could face people even if it was making my face look ugly. I have used the peel and want to say how my skin looks like with my regular tone restored. I still have some dark patches but another peel in three months time should do the trick. It really gives you the confidence and the money you will save in make-up makes it totally worth the cost.

Robin Hawkins Virginia United States  -  02/04/2013

Im a 53-year old African American woman and although Ive never used Skin Culture on my face I have used the Peel 4000 on my back and upper arms which were covered with acne scars. The Skin Culture 4000 Peel is amazing and has worked wonders!

Jyoti India  -  01/04/2013

hi! i would like to thank you a lot. the peel that i had bought from you had helped me a lot. 50% of the blemishes had disappeared and i think the rest will also disappear when i do my next peel session. only thing that i would like to tell is that when i bought it then at that time i could avail only 20% discount but now you are offering 40% so it would have been a bettter opppurtunity if i could have availed it later but anyways im happy with the results im getting. thank you so very much.

Rola Lebanon  -  01/04/2013

Awesome seller buy from them. The product is great too it peels the skin. 5stars

Joanie Shepherd Florida United States  -  29/03/2013

Awesome results. Peeling has kept me from getting wrinkles. I have been using the product for over 20 years and at 47 I am wrinkle free.