Lauren Henry Australia  -  28/06/2013

I tried ur product and I worked I guess as well as it could on my face my pigment still remains as I suspected it might. Ive been trying for years but nothing seems to work. Thank you anyway

Nicole Gilfert New Jersey United States  -  13/06/2013

This is my 2nd time using Peel 4000 and once again it has made my face free of dead skin uneven skin tone and all remaining acne scars that I thought would never go away. Sure you must go through some pain for the first 20minutes but it is well worth it. Beauty is Pain right? As far as pricing its a bit high but discounts offered really lower them significantly. Pricing for what my face looks like now after the Peel 4000 is really priceless. Do I recommend this product and all the skin care products that are selectively outlined for each skin problem you may have (which makes it so easy to know what to purchase to get the right results) Yes! and Yes!! A million times over It is so Worth it!!!!!!! Heres to looking great yet again! Love you Skin Culture!!!

Marco Canada  -  05/06/2013

Excellent product safe reliable wonderful results.

Thi Trang Tran Australia  -  02/06/2013

I loved your peel 4000 I had bad pigmentation on my face after I had the peel 4000 my skin looked a lots clearer I will buy another peel 4000 to get my face clear at the moment Im using the after care kit. Does anyone know how long I can do another peel?

Jeffrey Bernstein NY United States  -  17/05/2013

My skin did peel on most spots on my face Some spots did not peel. At the moment I do not any difference in how I look. Perhaps I should have taken a picture before and after. What was most disappointing to me is that none of the red marks on my face faded or became even slightly lighter. I may have a younger look although I do not see it. But I am very disappointed that the red marks on my face did not get any lighter.