Jamie LA United States  -  21/07/2013

Im a black women & have smooth clear skin but do have blemish problems. Day1 it burned like crap for 30m no change in my face. Day2 face was super tight & looked sun burned. Day3 my face started to flake & peel around my mouth & my face was a color darker. Day4 my skin was more darker & peeling continued. Day5/6/7/8 big pieces of skin were falling off. I was getting excited & was tempted to pick at the old skin because it was playing peak-a-boo with my new skin underneath but I didnt. I was in the house for 8days. It was scary at 1st b/c my face got so dark and looked like leather. A comparison would be from going from the color of Gabrielle Union to being darker than Grace Jones. I was scared and emailed the company who answered all my questions immediately & walked me threw everything. When the peeling was done my skin underneath was even-toned soft & my original color had returned as assured. I was in love & forever a customer.

Belinda Feher Queensland Australia  -  13/07/2013

I love this product and will definitely be doing this again regularly. I have been a regular fan of peels and this is up there with the best Ive tried I need to try no more sticking with this one it works.

Happy Repeat Customer USA  -  09/07/2013

This is the third time Ive done the peel 4000 but it was the first time Ive done the peel since aging enough that my skin is clear. The first two peels I mostly appreciated that it helped clear up my skin for awhile. But this time I realized just how soft and smooth it became after. I would caution anyone doing the peel 4000 for the first time to be prepared for it to take longer than 6-7 days. For me every time it has taken 10 full days before I felt comfortable going out in public. But dont let that scare you. It is worth every penny and every day hiding at home to get these results.

Susan California  -  29/06/2013

As a person of color I was very excited to use the Peel 4000 based on reviews so I was not expecting to develop a prolonged "sunburnt" feel and look before any actual peeling took place. I also was expecting a deeper peel with the 4000 than was my actual experience. Overall a good experience.

John McKenna Florida USA  -  29/06/2013

My skin was so bad as a young person I had to drop out of school. Skin Cultures products helped repair my skin problems and gave me the confidence to return to school and graduate...and have a life. Now at 60 those issues are long behind me but Skin Culture keeps my skin looking like Im 30. For all the folks Skin Culture has helped over the years thanks and God Bless. John McKenna