Tenzin khetsun Himachal Pradesh India  -  21/10/2015

skin culture 4000 is quite good. this is my first time use and its not bad. i had acne marks on my face. this peel 4000 helps me some little bit on my face. its average for me.

Kelly Navarro Brooklyn NY United States  -  21/10/2015

I have used this product many times as it always delivers excellent results. Scars disappear pores are minimized and my skin looks and feels great afterwards. I try to do a full face peel once a year but also use this as a spot treatment when I cannot do a full peel.

Cristina Falcao Brisbane Australia  -  21/10/2015

I have done Peel 4000 for the 3rd time in the last five years. Always love the results!! Just make sure you take time off work as it is impossible to go out when are you peeling. It took me 10 days to peel off completely.

Belinda Feher Queensland Australia  -  30/10/2013

As a returning customer and user of the skin peel 4000 I absolutely love what this peel does for my skin helps my pigment and skin looks and feels so smooth and soft will definitely be up for this again and again.

Osmar Lopes Brazil  -  18/10/2013

excelente vendedor