Karin South Africa  -  15/02/2019

I am a 37 year old caucasian female with slightly oily skin (only t-panel). The rest of my skin is dry. My complexion is fair with olive undertones. I had pigmentation on my forehead chin and cheeks due to sunbed usage more than 10 years ago. I only went for 5 sessions but the damage lasted for years! Beware ladies!!!

I much prefer this treatment to laser peeling or micro dermabrasion. The former being to risky for my liking and might worsen pigmentation and the latter being not very effective (from personal experience). It takes a bit of commitment though because the treatment lasts for 6 days. I didnt feel that I was presentable during that time so I stayed at home for a week. My skin tone has improved pigmentation has faded a lot though it seems I would have to do another Peel 4000 before it will be to my total satisfaction. I must admit I was hoping for total obliteration of all traces of pigmentation. Sigh! I would definitely use this peel again.

Nikki  -  10/01/2019

I have completed my peel and my skin looks really good. It looks plumper and fresher smooth bright and even toned. All my dark patches have gone.. Ii would highly recommend anyone to use this. It is a bit pricey but i feel the results are worth it.

Rona  -  11/11/2018

Used this a few times, it’s a really good peel, got rid of some hard to erase marks, only using on problem patches this times and going to takle these marks monthly until gone, it works well though

Kimberly  -  30/10/2018

I have used your product for years. I have previously contacted you guys about my rare skin condition and how using your product once to twice a year reduces the horrible cysts and sores. This product has medicinal purposes for me. I count on it.

Nolwenn  -  30/10/2018

The Peel 4000 is an excellent product!! My skin was really more brightened and clear after the treatment. It helps being better but it’s important to keep following a healthy way of life (food sport relaxation..). The skin culture team is a real plus! Quick responses every time and very Nice!! Thank you for all! I ordered a 2nd treatment and I am doing it now! I recommend this product!