Deborah Pacquette London  -  14/07/2011

At least once a year i like to freshen my appearance and this is just the right thing to use for taking the years off and having lovely skin.More than once in the last year friends have commented on my smooth skin.

Deborah Pacquette London  -  10/07/2011

Not very nice at first with the stinging and burning but the end result is great a lot of my friends ask why i look so young.This is my secret .

Elizabeth Jordan Torquay UK  -  03/05/2011

fantastic product leaves skin clear and younger. Never found a peel as good as skin culture.

Paula Graves Glos UK  -  13/04/2011

Easy to apply. Outstanding results as always. Smooth skin and fine lines disappeared. I shall continue to use this product on a regular basis. This product always delivers a fantastic ego boost!

Christal DeCuir-Charbonnet New York  -  20/02/2011

Great results. Normalizer is perfect for day after use.