Sylvie Pomianek, Paris  -  21/10/2015

I have doing this peeling for several years. It helps to improve my skin. You changed the normalizer cream the old one was much better. The texture was more confortable and so refreshing. I dont like the new one as much

arvilla ware California  -  15/12/2011

I was pleased; however the 4000 works best for me. I purchased 2000 not strong enough for my dark skin. I love your products and will soon get my four to refresh for my birthday. Arvilla

farhan dollah Singapore  -  22/10/2011

Good for normal skin treatment and Going for peel 3000 for better result..

Mikey Cherubin Canada  -  11/10/2011

I am very happy with the result of the peeling i am a customer since 2011 and i never be disappointed since! I am a Skinculture member for life!

Customer from New York  -  04/10/2011

Ive been using this peel for years and have found nothing like it for home use. Im an African American woman with adult acne and scars. Even one application helps brighten and even out my complexion. I always use it after the winter months or whenever I need to freshen my complexion due to dullness/dryness. I also like to do a peel about two weeks before important social events because it leaves my skin looking more even-toned smooth and luminous.