Richard Scott  -  17/04/2018

When I was a teenager I had acne really bad. While reading a magazine I found an ad for Skin Culture Institute and ordered a peeling product. The results were amazing! My skin cleared up heightening my self-esteem and confidence. No more hiding or shying away from people knowing they were looking at the oozing bumps on my face. Even my Mom was surprised and amazed by the improvement in my skin. With continued use my acne cleared up. That was over 30 years ago and I have used Skin Culture products from that time on with much success. An added plus to the product is the youthful appearance and glow it provides. I started using it to fight acne now I use it to soften age lines and wrinkles and people are surprised to find out that I’m much older than my appearance. That’s a real plus in the workforce and even dating. If I want to attract younger women I can and it really boosts my confidence. I would highly recommend Skin Culture Institute products to those with skin problems or anyone who just wants a more youthful look. I’m a lifelong customer and have no intentions to change that fact. Thanks Richard Scott

Sylvie Pomianek, Paris  -  21/10/2015

I have doing this peeling for several years. It helps to improve my skin. You changed the normalizer cream the old one was much better. The texture was more confortable and so refreshing. I dont like the new one as much

arvilla ware California  -  15/12/2011

I was pleased; however the 4000 works best for me. I purchased 2000 not strong enough for my dark skin. I love your products and will soon get my four to refresh for my birthday. Arvilla

farhan dollah Singapore  -  22/10/2011

Good for normal skin treatment and Going for peel 3000 for better result..

Mikey Cherubin Canada  -  11/10/2011

I am very happy with the result of the peeling i am a customer since 2011 and i never be disappointed since! I am a Skinculture member for life!