Glycolic Facial Gel

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Removes cellular debris and encourages your skin to renew itself at a faster rate

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Brand: Skin Culture

Product Code: Glycolic-Facial-Gel

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Removes cellular debris and rejuvenates your skin

The Glycolic Facial Gel is a nonabrasive exfoliating, oil-free. 8.5% glycolic acid treatment lotion, which works to wake up your skin. Assists in skin rejuvenation of environmentally and photo damaged skin along with correction of blemished, problematic and acneic skin. Contains Japanese Green Tea, Squalene and Hyaluronic Acid. Suitable for all skin types.

- Rejuvenates Skin

- Removes cellular debris

- Makes skin look healthier

This gentle facial gel improves the appearance of age spots, blemishes, uneven skin tones, sun damaged skin and other complexion irregularities. Apply all over face and neck area after thoroughly cleansing skin. Avoid eye area.


Glycolic Acid – A natural derived Alpha Hydroxy Acid found in Sugar Cane. Studies have shown Glycolic Acid is an exfoliant that encourage production of collagen and cell turnover.

Vitamin E – Anti-oxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage caused by the environment (UV radiation, chemical pollutants), and certain lifestyle choices (smoking and drinking).

Vitamin A – Studies have shown that Vitamin A increases the skin elasticity, and normalizes dry, parched skin.

Camellia Oleifera Extract – Thea Sinenisis Extract (Japanese Green Tea Extract). This extract helps reduce skin irritation and redness. Japanese Green Tea Extract acts as an effective antioxidant to scavenge free radicals.

Sodium Hyaluronate – Known as an excellent humectant and emollient, which moisturizes, lubricates and soothes the skin.

Squalane – A naturally derived ingredient found in olives has been known to be the closest comparable ingredient to human sebum, providing softness while replacing necessary oils.

Yeast Extract – Has been known to stimulate the skin’s immune system cells to work harder. Also known to help in repairing weakened support systems that allow skin to sag and wrinkle.


Customer from London UK - 20/03/2015

Good product however would be great if the size was tbe same as the brightening gel

Customer from London UK - 20/03/2015

Again like the cleanser this is another excellent moisturiser. the only down side is that there isnt a lot in the bottle as it is quite small. However you dont need a lot just a few squirts so its all good

Ana Conceicao Swindon UK - 20/03/2015

I didnt see any specifically improvements but it makes my skin look ok.

Leda Kirkendoll London UK - 20/03/2015

Good product although I dont use it very often.

Miss NK Clottey London UK - 07/03/2015

Am very happy with all your products I always get compliments about how beautiful my skin is.

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